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Screechowl   Pmullen  

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 Spur with the sniffles

What antibiotics can I treat my Spur with? She is a tiny baby I’ve had for several months. I noticed her bubbling from her nose last week. I am using an infant bulb syringe to remove the bubbles. I think she may need an antibiotic.

02/17/13  01:30pm


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  Message To: Screechowl   In reference to Message Id: 2292288

 Spur with the sniffles

baytril is what you need.
it sounds like RNS syndrome. this is very contagious, and can lead to pneumonia and death if untreated.
go to a reptile vet, tell them you suspect Runny Nose Syndrome.
batril is the medication used unless it is a leopard tortoise (i believe they have reactions to this?)
please read the above.
also keep your temps high.
the sooner you act the better chance your tortoise will have of recovering. i have rescued 2 tortoises with this syndrome and they survived.

02/23/13  07:11pm

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