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Repticsteve   Pmullen  

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 Shell rot in Baby Redfoots

So I am new to red foot tortoises. I know that most need to be kept dry. the red foot information I have found has been an exception. Is there an increased risk of young red foot torts getting shell rot?

01/03/13  06:49pm


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  Message To: Repticsteve   In reference to Message Id: 2288802

 Shell rot in Baby Redfoots

redfooted tortoises are found in the rain forests. they need high humidity, but shouldnt be kept on wet ground, as they will develop rot. i have never kept these species , only Mediterranean, so im not 100% sure how owners accomplish this. frequent spraying of the enclosure is a must. the torotise trust will have a detailed section on rain forest species

01/04/13  04:50pm

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