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Nellyp2004uk   Pmullen  

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 Leopard tortoise

I am new to
Tortoises I bought a 2yo leopard tortoise six wks ago and am not sure but I think it aint ate nothing its dun a poo not sre bout wee but definatly poo wat should I do any answers appreciated

12/20/12  06:41am


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 Leopard tortoise

they take a while to settle in but not that long. is he active? what kind of housing do you have? glass tanks are bad so opt for a tortoise table. he needs a basking lamp and uv lamp to warm up as they are reptiles and cold blooded. what are you feeding him? they need a lot of weeds grasses etc. try bathing your fella in an inch or so of water, just enough to cover the bit of shell under his chin. the water should be warm but not too warm. he needs calcim suppliment and vitamin supplement.
you should get a good book such as

01/04/13  04:58pm

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