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Lezavavomoftw   Fatima  

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My little sister and I have wanted a pet for a long time, specifically a tortoise. We have no other pets...
We want a large tortoise, so we are considering a Sulcata. We do not want a baby tortoise and would rather one of age.
We were wondering if anyone has a Sulcata Tortoise, he or she would like to give away/sell to us.
Also, we would like some personal tips for caring for a Sulcata Tortoise.

Thank you,

12/15/12  10:19pm


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We have one and want to find him a good home. They are hard work and need a precise diet to maintain good health. Do you have a backyard? Where would you keep Harry? Please call me at 949-554-8911. I want him to find a forever home so please be sure you are ready to have it as a pet. Thanks

02/15/13  05:44pm

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