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 Spineless Cactus Pads - Best Food for Sale

I’m offering a Padded Priority Flat rate envelope which can hold 5-9 pads - over 2 full pounds, enough to feed your Uro(s) for a few weeks.

The cost is only $15: $10 for the pads + $5 shipping (actual cost).

Email me at plwg89 AT aol DOT com That’s the same email I use for PayPal.

Below is a picture of a typical shipment. My Uros used to love these, but they are also good for iguanas and tortoises. The big ones eat strips; the smaller ones eat them chopped. They are spineless, but have little hairs that are easily rubbed or burned off. They last about 2 weeks in the fridge.


06/09/12  12:52am

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