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Morti Tori
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 ID this tortoise

Hi everyone!

I’m new here and I’m hoping you can help me out. Last year I
inherited a tortoise from a neighbor who found it in her
backyard and kept it in her basement for about a year on a
diet of iceberg lettuce. Not only is she completely ignorant
about the the care and maintenance or tortoises but apparently
the use of Google as well. When I received it the tortoise
(from now on referred to as ’Speedy’) was extremely pale, very
sluggish and ate once every few days.

He currently resides in a spare room with both direct sunlight
and a heat lamp, both of which he enjoys basking under. I’ve
been feeding him mostly romaine lettuce and let him graze in
the backyard for the rest of his nourishment. He’s definitely
doing a lot better than when I received him. He’s active and
alert, eats daily, walks (sometime runs, hence the name
Speedy) and loves to climb over everything! I love to watch
him walk around the yard and the house exploring everything.

I need help in identifying him since I want the proper
environment and diet. He’s about 5 inches long and weighs
about 2 pounds.

I am not certain that it’s a male - I have made that
assumption because I have heard most male tortoises are
agressive to other males and whenever I put a mirror in front
of him he always attacks his reflection.

I tried offering carrots but he just sniffs them and won’t eat - seems very finicky although he LOVES dandelions. I haven’t given him fruits because I’ve read they do more harm than good.

So what is he/she, what’s the right diet? If grazing in my backyard is the right diet what do I do in the winter when it’s snow covered?

05/08/12  02:49pm


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  Message To: Morti Tori   In reference to Message Id: 2265685

 ID this tortoise

Russian Tortoise

05/08/12  09:31pm


Morti Tori
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  Message To: Rokdog   In reference to Message Id: 2265725

 ID this tortoise

Thanks rokdog you rock!! This tortoise looks similar to Mediterranean/Greek but not quite exact - I looked at some pics at the link you posted and they are identical.

Thanks again!

05/09/12  12:09pm


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  Message To: Morti Tori   In reference to Message Id: 2265774

 ID this tortoise

That tortoise is a Russian (Testudo Horsfieldii) which are also known as Steppe Tortoise, Russian Tortoise, Small Garden Tortoise and generally Horsfield.

Easy to care for, great personalities.

05/15/12  02:39pm


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  Message To: RepticTay   In reference to Message Id: 2266492

 ID this tortoise

the recommended diet for winters indoors is grass (fescue, bermuda) and timothy hay (not alfalfa, which has too much protein). i’m not sure about other (store-bought) greens yet. my requirements are a 2:1 calcium/phosphorus ratio, low protein, high fiber, low sugar, good water content. i’m a beginner, but i channel my ocd into research, lol!


05/20/12  07:05pm


Morti Tori
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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2267018

 ID this tortoise

Many thanks to everyone for all the helpful advice.

I did buy the alfalfa hay but he sniffed and decided it wasn’t worth his sophisticated taste. He seems to be spoiled with the Romaine lettuce, Mustard and Collard greens I’ve been feeding him - he won’t even eat clovers anymore although still has a sweet tooth for dandelions. He seems alert and healthy but I’m concerned he’s not getting enough fiber. I’ll see if I can find timothy hay and hopefully get him to eat it. I agree with the low sugar so I never give him fruit - he is active enough without the sugar!

05/21/12  03:20pm


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  Message To: Tempestborn   In reference to Message Id: 2267018

 ID this tortoise

Jesse, that is incorrect for horsfield species.

If not hibernating over winter, then horsfield species require a crispy salad mix of lambs lettuce, frisee, raddichio, red leaf lettuce, etc.

Fruit should be offered sparingly and only as a treat! I feed mine 1 grape per tortoise a week and once a month 1 strawberry, 1 slice of pear and 1 grape. Never feed fruit daily to this species.

10/09/12  09:41am

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