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Littlepixie   Tempestborn  

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 DR sheldon copper

i bought my tortoise form a friend who bought it from a pet shop i went to buy a uvb light from my pet shop and they told me i have him/her in the wrong home environment i have been told he/she is a horsefield tortoise......could anyone tell me any usefull and important information on his upkeep, enclosure, food, water shelter you know important things thanks !!!!

04/12/12  06:09pm


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  Message To: Littlepixie   In reference to Message Id: 2262526

 DR sheldon copper

for starters, never listen to anything a pet shop employee says.

then, find out exactly what breed of tortoise you have there and do a search online. you’ll find tons of info: "org" and "edu" suffixes are the most likely to be accurate.

and he does need a UVB.


04/12/12  07:30pm

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