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 My turtle doesnt want to eat!!!

So, i have a russian tortise. I got him for Christmas Aaround 2-3 years ago. He hasnt been eating. I dont remember the last time he ate (whick i know is really bad) . He has a heat lamp, but he rarly gets sun. I feel bad because i love him but im never home cuz im at school and soccer practise all day. I dont know if hes sick or if hes dying or this is normal. PLEASE HELPP!!!. any information, including simply opions, actual information, advice, verternanians to contact, anythinggg!! would be highly appricated. Thank you.

02/26/12  01:26am


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  Message To: Ixtaly12   In reference to Message Id: 2256880

 My turtle doesnt want to eat!!!

do you have a UVB/MVB(Mercury Vapor Bulb)?
as UVB lighting is needed & will stimulate appetite.

some Russian Tortoises also "brumate" for part of the year if their environment is not sufficient

Russian Tortoise

good luck

02/26/12  11:50am


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  Message To: Rokdog   In reference to Message Id: 2256907

 My turtle doesnt want to eat!!!

Does he have a shallow water bowl ? (important, otherwise he could be dehydrated)

05/10/12  04:30pm

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