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 What Should I Do? Please Help

One day my brother brought home 4 tortoise unexpectedly and i have been taking care of them and gotten pretty attached to them after a year but now that i have moved into a apartment i do not have a backyard and pets are not allowed.

As much as i don’t want to, i need to give them away ASAP but not quite sure where. Please Help.
Thank You




SPEEDY my fav <3 :[

11/15/11  07:43pm


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  Message To: DJKP15   In reference to Message Id: 2244376

 What Should I Do? Please Help

Orange County, CA area

11/15/11  07:44pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: DJKP15   In reference to Message Id: 2244377

 What Should I Do? Please Help

if he got them out of the wild i would take them back to where you got them from ASAP because they look like desert tortusis which are on the endanger spesis list and if your are caght with it then you can got to jail for a good amout of time

12/04/11  07:44pm


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 What Should I Do? Please Help

I would send them to a wildlife reserve or rescue centre due to they have been captive for over a year.

02/14/12  06:36pm


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  Message To: RepticTay   In reference to Message Id: 2255277

 What Should I Do? Please Help

This post interested me, I could not stop myself. So I found something, on this: Link. So I did not write this but here:

Leathery, shy and a bit world-weary, the Mojave desert tortoise doesn’t come across as a high-roller.

But among land-going critters on the endangered species list, it’s among the top recipients of money spent by state and federal agencies trying to keep it from the brink of extinction, according to an Associated Press analysis of the last 11 years of available data.

From 1996 to 2006, more than $93 million was spent on managing the long-lived reptile, records show. That’s more than was spent on other species such as the grizzly bear, gray wolf or bald eagle.

Not bad for a pokey desert dweller that spends most of its time in underground burrows in parts of Utah, California, Arizona and Nevada.

Not that preserving the tortoise is simple.

The tortoise’s "critical habitat" stretches across 9,600 square miles. Jurisdictions include four states, seven military installations, four national parks and scores of federal, state and county agencies.

Add to that a long list of threats, from highways, urbanization and wildfires to disease, off-road vehicles and climate change.

04/03/12  05:46pm

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