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 Need help Identifying this tortoise

Please could someone help with identifying this tortoise

02/14/11  08:46am


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  Message To: Nkelleher   In reference to Message Id: 2204867

 Need help Identifying this tortoise

I haven’t kept any tortoises for a while but I think it looks like a sulcata... however it would be much easier to identify if you could please post some other views showing the head and legs, plastron, etc.

02/16/11  01:20pm


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  Message To: Crotus   In reference to Message Id: 2205273

 Need help Identifying this tortoise

Crotus - you are right it looks like a sulcata (african spur thigh), however i think sullys are the easiest tortoise to Identify just from looking at the head and front legs of a sully. They have distinct looks that nearly all tortoises don’t have (never to mention their large size :P).

I am confident that is a large Sulcata tortoise, also known as african spur thigh and the scientific terms are usually identified as Geochelone Sulcata.

Tay x

03/03/11  05:09pm


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  Message To: RepticTay   In reference to Message Id: 2207949

 Need help Identifying this tortoise

that is a leopard tortoise.

01/20/13  04:27pm

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