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Mamatierra   Crotus  

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 Help Feeding & Caring for Blind Toad

The toad that lived in our patio garden was accidentally sprayed with powerful bleach solution by the guy who power washed our house. When I found the poor toad, the solution had burned his eyes out. I washed him (her?) carefully but couldn’t repair the damage. I had no idea what to do so gently placed toad back in the garden where he scrambled away. After weeks, he crawled back out - just skin and bones! He couldn’t see to catch prey and was slowly starving to death! I was heartbroken. I immediately dug him up a worm and pushed it into contact with him and he desperately gobbled it down. We continued like this every day for a couple of weeks and I finally moved him inside into a terrarium tank. I’ve been feeding him mealworms and wrigglers with occasional nightcrawlers (really too big but sometimes all I can get). It’s hard, though - too often he tries to grab the prey and just gets a mouthful of dirt or mulch. Then he gets confused and won’t eat. He can’t strike with his tongue because he can’t see where the food is and he swallows with some difficulty because he can’t use the regular eye “blink” to push down.
I’m asking for any and all suggestions from experienced toad keepers. How much should he be getting to eat? He’s on a warm porch, some scattered sun in mornings. Do toads definitely need a “pool” of water? He seems to sense light and dark. I provided a half “coconut” toad house from PetSmart and he likes to get into it so he knows where it is in the tank and how to be there.
All suggestions and advice gratefully welcomed! Thanks for your help! I will post am image if I can figure out how.

09/13/18  01:05pm


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 Help Feeding & Caring for Blind Toad

Really sorry this happened... I am not sure what the best solution is but would like to suggest the idea that you make a small terrarium for him that would include the coconut shell as a water pool (they do need a pool of water to soak in, because amphibians do not drink as reptiles do). In this way you could keep him in a controlled environment where he can be protected and fed regularly. I wish I could think of some other suggestions but for now please try this if possible and let me know how it goes.

10/07/18  11:56pm

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