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 Sick(?) female American toad, need advice

Hello, all. New here. I have a female American toad named Freddie, I’ve had her about 3 years, known her for 4 since we started staycationing her at our house from the classroom at school, until the teacher told us to just keep her. Back in Oct. she developed an abscess on her left upper lip which got quite huge, consulted with the vet and tried 2 different antibiotics with no success, then on a subsequent vet visit, the abscess opened and drained. We resumed antibiotics and I gently pressed on the lump daily to get it to continue to drain, as the vet advised. This was mid-Dec. The area has stayed small, looks almost back to normal, but she is not eating & has lost a considerable amount of weight. I keep small crx in the habitat at all times to encourage her to eat, and have removed some of the plants and things so they don’t have places to hide. I’ve tried a few times in the last few days offering her a "super worm," which she used to love, and she sits there, shows no interest at all. One thing I’ve wondered, it is VERY cold here, is there any chance she’s just in "hibernation mode"? I’ve had her over other winters but I don’t ever recall her getting this skinny. I’m worried to death and don’t know what else to do--any advice or past experience is MOST appreciated. Thank you!

01/05/18  07:49pm


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 Sick(?) female American toad, need advice

Try force feeding her. I had to do that with my toad when she wouldn’t eat due to a cat attack injury. Don’t be too rough though. I know this is a late reply, but good luck and I hope the best for you and your toad.

03/08/18  06:43pm

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