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CharlieWolf2100   Eris  

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 Illinois Chorus Frog

Hello! I’m a new member. Sorry if this is a noob question. Okay, so I caught my toad (Squishy) a couple months ago and have recently learned she is more uncommon in my area than I thought. I took her to a vet who did frogs to confirm this, she said indeed she is this type of toad and that she was in good health. I am wanting to breed her to help the population but I can’t find anymore of this type of toad and I’ve checked the pet stores and their are none there. I don’t want to have one imported because they take them from their habitat (so did I now I think about it) and shipped. So I was wondering if there is anyway to lure a male in?

04/26/16  07:06pm


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 Illinois Chorus Frog

Hi! Cute name by the way! I personally, do not prefer to keep wildlife as pets. I prefer to keep them in the wild. However, its admirable for you to want to help the local population. Try looking up ways to make your yard more "toad friendly". Also check with your state conversation, they may have more resources available for you about Squishy’s kind as well as making your yard a better home for all sorts of wildlife.

04/27/16  08:09pm

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