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Kellynicole   Crotus  

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 Fire belly toad turned dark and won’t eat

Hi, I have 3 fire belly toads living in a 10 gallon tank. They were very happy and active, and seemed friendly with each other. They have water, a swimming pool, rocks, trees, and land and a filter and light to heat it up since it’s cold. I had two green ones and one brown one, and one of my green ones turned dark green, almost black. He won’t eat and is very unsocial. He burrows under things and won’t come out. He has gotten extremely skinny and I know they are not more than 3-4 years old. He was fine like a month a go and now I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve tried feeding him seperately and he won’t eat. The other to are very active, healthy and happy looking, and the sick looking ones stomach is still bright orange so I’m not sure what’s wrong but I could really use any advice you can offer. Thank you!

12/01/15  09:09pm


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 Fire belly toad turned dark and won’t eat

Hi, can you please give me some more information on how long you have had them, and what you are feeding them? I may be able to give you some suggestions that may help. With regard to lighting, I recommend you use a full spectrum fluorescent light above the tank that is off at night, this is very important because they need to experience a normal day-night cycle. Heating is completely unnecessary for them because they come from temperate areas and are tolerant of cold, so therefore I recommend replacing the light you are using with the type I suggested. Diet-wise, although these toads can handle surprisingly large crickets and will eat almost anything, I recommend you use only soft bodied, small to medium size crickets, gut loaded on something nutritious like flake fish food. Definitely don’t give them those big crickets with the wings and spiny legs, and I don’t recommend mealworms either, because these items can cause digestive problems. Please try some of my suggestions and let me know if there is any improvement.

12/09/15  11:33pm

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