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 Red spotted toads

Hello, a few months ago, I believe in April my family was hiking in the coachella valley - a desert region in southern ca. We came across tadpoles in a seasonal creek. My kids caught 5 tadpoles from a small pool that looked like it was about to dry up. With much care and research, those tadpoles have turned into adorable red spotted toads. The appear to be happy and thriving, however the plan was always to re-release them. I would like to release them back where they were found, which also happens to be their ideal natural habitat- however I’m concerned about the weather. They have been kept in
Room temp the last few months and the desert is now 100-112 daily with little reprieve at night. I visited the area last month and the creek is still running strong and there’s plenty of reedy areas with great brush coverage and tons of bugs. I’m just worried that the temperature change will be too harsh? I’m considering keeping them until late Sept or October when it cools down but I don’t want to put them at further risk by keeping them in captivity longer. Does anyone have advice? Thank you

07/12/15  07:59pm

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