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 Babies on the way

hi my pacific tree frog is having babies but all my ten gallons and above are in use what should I do. nobody suggest a pond I live in California and as you probably know there is a BIG drought over here in the west. please help as she is very swollen.

06/14/15  11:16am


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 Babies on the way

Hi. My name is Alie. I am 10 years old but I know a lot about toads. I am an expert. If the male is on her, than she is pregnant. Now, what she needs on a 2 ft tub of water. Fill it up with her regular water. But, make sure you put a little land form above water in there. She will lay about 8000 eggs. don’t touch them though. When they are born, let the male do his things. When he is done, take them both out and put them in there usual place. If the male is not on her back, either he abandoned her or she’s not pregnant.

02/29/16  08:43am

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