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Tylerman   Kennedypets6489  

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 Toad Care

Hello!! This is my first post on this forum, I am new. So, question one. I have a fire bellied toad half land half water terrarium and I’m having trouble keeping humidity in the tank. How do I keep humidity in there? I mist the tank 4+ times a day. Still doesn’t work!!! Also, what else can go in the tank with them? I would love to get a bigger tank and make a vivarium for them. I heard anoles can go in the tank with them, is that so? What do I feed the fire bellied toads? I’m feeding the toads crickets, red wrigglers, and dusting their food with calcium. Also, how often do I feed them? How much? I clean the tank once a week. And what live plants can go in the tank that is safe for the toads and possible anoles or geckos? Thank you so much for help!

09/15/14  01:53pm


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 Toad Care

To keep humidity up, you could try using a substrate like potting soil on the land side.

06/11/15  11:50am

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