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 I need some toad help

Hi, I’m rather new to taking care of toads so I thought I’d ask for help here. I recently found what I assume is a gulf coast toad -due to its markings- stuck in my dogs outdoor water dish. It was very tiny and couldn’t jump out. I took him in because I knew my neighbor’s cat would catch him out in the open like that. I set up an old 10 gallon tank I had from raising crabs with some soil from the area I found the lil guy and some hardy plant life. I added a pool and a feeding dish with some small crickets and beetles I found around my trees. Thats about as far as my knowledge goes of what the lil guy needs. I’ve checked other sites but most aren’t helpful at all. Currently he’s hiding under the stones I set in there for him after eating. I’m worried I may have fed him to much since he’s not very active right now! Please help, I want to care for him but I don’t really know how..

08/04/14  06:44pm


Robert charley
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 I need some toad help

All the toads I have had liked to bury in dirt or sand. That eat when they feel like it. I couldn’t hand feed any to save my life. So give em some actually dirt or sand. And keep water in there, he will dry out.

08/08/14  11:25pm


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  Message To: Robert charley   In reference to Message Id: 2308384

 I need some toad help

I don’t know very much about those toads, as for I keep American toads myself, but it seems like that is a pretty good setup. Just research on your toad to make sure it does not need any special lighting.😊 He probably didn’t eat too much, most toads just aren’t very active. It’s a good thing he is eating though!

06/11/15  11:56am

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