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DarleneG   Crotus  

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 Black beetles in toad acquarium!

Help! I have found black beetle type bugs in my fb toad home! My FBs dont eat the worms only crickets and I’ve changed the aquarium. I change the water (two dishes) regularly and keep the tank clean. Any ideas - Where are these coming from?

06/22/13  09:52pm


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  Message To: DarleneG   In reference to Message Id: 2298750

 Black beetles in toad acquarium!

I think you may be using crickets that are infested with these beetles, it’s a common problem (I think they lay their eggs on them or something)... I recommend changing out the substrate and then switching to a new supplier who can guarantee that their crickets are pest-free... One such supplier that i can recommend is Ghann’s Cricket Farm, they have never sent me any infested crickets.

06/24/13  02:27pm

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