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Iama   Crotus  

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 Just got a New Toad ^^

So I got this Toad from my best friend. It’s a Western Toad and though I’m pretty sure he’s well taken care of for now, I just wanna get a second opinion from ya’ll. I’ll do a list of everything he already has, then you guys can tell me what I’m missing :)

1) A 10 gallon cage
2) Moist Soil as substrate
4) A Reptile house to use as a Hiding place
5) Some plants to help hold in the moistier and make him feel safe
6) A water Dish for him to soak in
7) We’re gonna get him some Crickets to eat tomorrow

So you guys how does that al sound? Am I missing anything? Feel free to give suggestions. The only thing I would ignore is sombody preaching to me about "Let him go he deserves to be wild!". I have had that happen to me soooo many times here. Other than that I’ll gladly read and try your suggestions ^^

06/09/13  08:40pm


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  Message To: Iama   In reference to Message Id: 2298328

 Just got a New Toad ^^

Sounds like a good setup... however I would like to suggest that you add a full-spectrum fluorescent lamp above the terrarium, set on a timer to go on during the day, off at night... This helps stimulate the toads’ activity and also helps plants to grow. Also you should definitely have a tight-fitting screen lid to prevent the toad (and the crickets) from hopping out.

06/11/13  04:22pm

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