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Naturelady   Crotus  

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 American toad with cloudy eyes

I am new to the forum. I saw someone’s post about a toad whose eyes seem "clouded over", but that does not exactly describe my problem. I have an American toad in the nature center where I work. She has been there for several years. Her eyes are not clouded over, but the cloudiness is deep in the pupil. The iris and surrounding structures (lids, etc). seem normal. She appears to be going blind; she misses her food most of the time. Any suggestions?

05/28/13  04:01pm


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 American toad with cloudy eyes

This condition seems to occur when the toad is having some type of health problem, or the conditions are not quite right... you might want to try replacing the substrate and changing the water, and see if that helps. Also, does she get good lighting? Full-spectrum fluorescent lighting, timed to go on during the day, off at night, may help.

06/11/13  04:25pm

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