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Awilson   Crotus  

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 Sickly american toad

My toad will not eat and has very little energy. I’ve had him for two years, encaged in a 30gal with 4 other toads. He seems to be breathing slowly and won’t move much. In three days he’s gone from slow moving to near deathbed. Suggestions?

02/15/13  09:21pm


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 Sickly american toad

I recommend that you isolate him to a separate tank for observation, and so as not to spread any possible illness to the other toads. What type of substrate are you using? And, do you have good lighting? I suggest putting in some fresh substrate consisting of a sandy soil mixture (equal parts fertilizer-free potting soil, sphagnum moss and all-purpose silica sand) in which you plant a few tough houseplants such as pothos or philodrendron, which can help to keep the soil clean by absorbing waste products and using them as fertilizer.

If the toad is really too weak to eat, as a last resort to nurse him back to health, you may want to temporarily try force-feeding, which is not too difficult with medium to large toads and can be done as follows: First prepare some food items by preparing 1 or 2 eartworm sections or a pre-killed cricket.
Pick the toad up and turn him belly-up, massage his belly a little until he "falls asleep". Then, very gently, apply pressure downwards on the chin with your thumb while holding the toad’s snout back with your other hand, until the mouth opens (do this with extreme care, without forcing so as not to damage the jaws). When the mouth is open, place 1 food item in, making sure it’s completely inside, then put the toad down right side up and wait for him to swallow it -- in most cases he will if you have done it right. Then let him rest; repeat this only once daily so as not to stress him out, until he puts on some weight again.
Please try my suggestions and keep me posted as to what happens.

02/20/13  03:53pm

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