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Trexfbt   The Lone Glider  

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 I need help for my fire belly

this is day 5 that ive had my fire bellies theres two of them they got everything they need its about 70 degrees in the tank about 65 in the water i have a very active adolescent male but im very concerned about my adult female shes been in the same spot for about 8 hours now hasnt moved at all ive cleaned the water bowl without soap just hot water and used drinking spring water nestle water to be exact to refill it i fed them both dusted small crickets today she ate a few of them then returned to her corner but shes been like this for a while yesterday she stayed in her cave for a long time the second day i had her she was laying down on a plant leaf for a very long time she finds a place then stays there for a really long time the only time she moves is if i clean the water or put crickets in there currently shes in my water bowl next to my little water circulator shes a very nice green color i dont know if shes really homesick maybe she fell in love with another frog at the pet store and wants to see him again, i only think shes a female because my male straddled her the other day but she chirped and wasnt in the mood also everyone says females are bigger than males and shes very chubby anyways im worried i really like these guys appreciate any help

12/23/12  08:01am


The Lone Glider
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 I need help for my fire belly

I’ve never had FBT’s so I’m not sure I’ll be much help, but I don’t want to leave you hanging, so I will give you what I know and hopefully someone else will come along.. Okay, From What I’ve read they are very active frogs and should not just be sitting still for hours a day. If she is eating that is a good sign. How big is their tank? and I would suggest bumping up their heating.. Try 80 and 75 in the water with 75% humidity.. You didn’t mention humidity.. so I’m not sure how high it is now, but it should be about 50. It maybe she’s just cold.. or try 75 and and 70 for water.. Do you ever mist them? what king of bedding do you use? Can you send a picture?

12/28/12  07:44pm

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