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 Help California Toad Care During Winter?

Hello, I live in California and in June I picked up two California Toadlets from a concrete lined creek bed at a park. Now that it’s getting colder and drops to around 60 degrees at night, I was wondering if any sort of light was necessary. Do they need a heat lamp(do they need heat or just light?) or some sort of light make up for the lack of sunlight (as they’re kept in my room). Please let me know if there is any special care they need and if I do need a light, what sort? What if they don’t have any fancy lamps and they only have the light from my florescent desk lamp? Not enough?

Also I have a general question about light. Well, I know I’m not supposed to put them under direct sunlight... How do I get them sunlight in an instance where I didn’t have a special lamp? Is it enough if they are under a roofed patio and the light doesn’t get them at all but still it’s very bright? (I obviously don’t understand light at all) Or do the sun rays actually have to touch them to get any nutrients? If it has to touch them, how long should they be out before they cook?
Also... Should I feed them less when it’s cold? Aha, thanks so much for your help!

11/16/12  09:04pm


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 Help California Toad Care During Winter?

My little Canadian toad, wild caught, stopped eating for about a month at least in the autumn. She buried herself and stayed slow and out of sight for 6 wks then appeared demanding to be fed. I’d not light or heat your wee toads, they will do what comes natural to them...and then again sometimes they don’t :) Keep their enclosure at their favorite humidity, offer food if they will eat it. Take out any food not eaten immediately, for a toad needs an empty stomach to hibernate (brumination). Chances are they will slow down for a bit then bounce right back. If you are determined to keep them awake, that’s assuming they want to hibernate at all, invest in a small under the tank heater and apply it to one corner of the tank. That should be more than enough. Hope this helps, take care.

11/19/12  12:33pm

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