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GrandMotherToad   Crotus  

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 Toad in the Hole!

I’m new to Reptile Zone, I have recently acquired a Canadian Toad, similar to the American Toad I guess. While I know how to care for newts I haven’t much experience with toads. As she was a gift I think its safe to say shes wild caught. Shes nice and fat but terribly shy. I’ve had her for over two months, she lives in a nice big tank with coconut fibre bedding, shallow water dish, hiding places and lots of gut fed crickets. Things were okay for the first four or five weeks, but she has gradually gotten more reclusive and her appetite is way down. My toad spends her days in a deep hole dug in the fibre with just the barest bit of eyeball sticking out. That being said she must be leaping around like a fool at night because the tank is trashed by morning, water dish full of fibre, mucky bits up the tank walls etc...If I’m up for an early shift sometimes I’ll catch her out and about. Still the fact that shes off her chow....that worries me. She was a really big eater, pet store crickets, earthworms, pillbugs I swear the same crickets have been in there for a long time. What am I missing? I don’t think its late enough in the season to hibernate, I mean its only September though Lord knows we freeze up by the end of October. Should I get her checked out by a vet, I’m having a horrible time finding a vet comfortable caring for toads, but shouldn’t she be wormed for nematodes or something? I love my toad but this is very stressful for both of us. Help

09/04/12  11:40pm


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 Toad in the Hole!

What kind of lighting do you have? I recommend using a full-spectrum fluorescent lamp situated above the tank, timed to go on in the morning, off at night... although most amphibians don’t need UV-B light as much as reptiles, many of them will become sluggish if you don’t provide it. Also this will help to grow any live plants you may wish to put in, which are helpful because they keep the soil clean by absorbing wastes and using them as fertilizer.

09/10/12  02:29pm

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