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 What could be wrong with my American / Fowler Toad hybrid?

Something is wrong with my 3 month old male. I am wondering if there is an obstruction. He is not eating, he shows way less interest in live foods, and he occasionally keeps his mouth open , and does a movement as if to clear his throat or keep swallowing. He has been like this for 1.5 days now. I wonder if some frog moss or coco substrate got swallowed when he was ingesting a meal worm? Or is it something else?

I wanted to ask before I brought him to a vet and wracked up expenses.

Note, I have seen him eat some huge meal worms in the past...I just did not expect something to get jammed. He just is not his usual spunky self. He usually has an enormous appetite too. What could be wrong and what can I do to help him?

08/31/12  10:04am


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  Message To: Beaublo   In reference to Message Id: 2278445

 What could be wrong with my American / Fowler Toad hybrid?

Off to the Exotic pet Vet today, where its $60.00 just to walk in the door...Toady is ill...and I gotta save my sweet little guy! He either has a blockage or breathing problems...or both.

Words to the wise...never EVER use "coco fiber" ...which is sold as reptile and amphibian substrate EVERYWHERE. Just found out my best friends snake died by ingesting some of this gut blocking crap when it was stuck to the earth worms it ate. Why oh why do pet stores sell this stuff????? I have seen substrate stuck to Toady’s mealworms as he ate them..

Lets hope the doc can get that horrible stuff out somehow. safely (and inexpensively).

Note...I was told some vets will not help native species (!) ...because its illegal to keep them. Just a heads up folks. I was forewarned that the vet might not help or will give me a very hard time.

The thing is I rescued over 250 2 mm long tadpoles from drying up puddles in an extreme drought. I worked hard for 2 weeks...they were baking alive and cannibalizing each other to survive.All either were eaten by fish in relocated streams, or died...except for this one, and I did not have the heart to release him after so much time, money, and effort . Regardless, I have tried to be very responsible, and have learned a lot about toad rescue....and no doubt will have a repeat of this next year...with global warming and ever increasing droughts to historically vernal pond regions.

08/31/12  10:56am


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  Message To: Beaublo   In reference to Message Id: 2278450

 What could be wrong with my American / Fowler Toad hybrid?

The problem is, moss is even more impactive than cocofiber, and soil is just flat-out unpredictable as to what fibers, mineral granules, and bacteria/neamtodes/etc it contains. The only thing safer than what you’ve been using is unbleached paper towels. But every terrestrial anuran I’ve owned liked to dig down pretty deep, so, still imperfect.
I personally use sphagnum for the main covering and do all of my feeding in a dish. But of course the downside to that is that you can’t use, for example, crickets, and have to stick with heavier-shelled, fattier prey items like mealworms. Possibly earthworms, but if you do that you should get a stool test every year or so. I know a vet that does it for twenty bucks, and if there’s a positive she just asks what the animal weighs, tells how much of what drug to use and tosses me a free but half-empty bottle, which solves the whole problem without ever even having to bring the animal in for a checkup. Your options may vary, but anyone willing to pay 60 dollars on a toad checkup usually earns some respect from the vet.
Another good dish items is nonclimbing roaches, but the ones my marinus girl eats are about as long as your toad is, so I’m really not sure what species to suggest. Roach nymphs often have much, much heavier exoskeletons than adults, more like beetles than roaches. When I switched my toad’s staple from large roach nymphs to actual adult roaches, she started doing a lot better. in fact, the reason I came here tonight was to start a a thread about her, which I shall do in a few minutes.
Good luck solving your own’s problems. At least you’ve FOUND the problem. That’s a pretty important first step. Toads a a very under-rated pet, for those willing to take them seriously, just as they are a very over-desired one for those who are... not quite so willing...

09/01/12  12:52am

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