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my name is jesse and i’ve been on the iguana and beardie forums for 3 or 4 years now. i just acquired my THIRD batch of gulf coast polliwogs; the first two mysteriously died by the next morning, so i started looking around online to find out what i was doing wrong. the mystery isn’t solved. all the info i found says put them in water with a dry place to crawl to when they change, and feed them cooked lettuce and fish food, which is what i recall doing with tadpoles as a kid and it worked fine.

so far they’ve made it overnight, but i’ll be reading posts for a while to learn a little more about these guys. i didn’t even think to look here--i expected this forum to be dead like the tortoise forum (as i discovered 5 months ago when i got my baby sulcata).

i don’t know how long i’ll stick around. i guess it depends on how my polliwogs do this time around.

anyway, nice to meet you.


08/26/12  12:51pm

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