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 Fire-Bellied Toad Acting Strange???

I have a fire-bellied toad who is a about 9 years old. Recently, he has been very dark and is held up in a dry corner of his aquarium. He has not eaten in days and doesn’t move much at all. I think he might be shedding (in fact there is some old skin I removed from the water) but this recent behavoir is strange. To top it off, he has dry skin on his back and seems to be slightly swollen. He also seems to be making weird, almost gagging noises. PLEASE HELP!!!

06/27/12  02:56pm


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  Message To: Shackle   In reference to Message Id: 2271374

 Fire-Bellied Toad Acting Strange???

i just got a second firebelly toad two days ago after 1 of my first two died of sickness and now i have 2 males and recently they’ve been going belly to belly fighting and “barking” at each other quite loudly is this normal for them when a second male is introduced ??

10/05/17  03:23am


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  Message To: GrifFrogBeast16   In reference to Message Id: 2321337

 Fire-Bellied Toad Acting Strange???

Hi, I once kept 2 FBTs for several years and they got along very well, I wasn’t sure if they were male or female, perhaps they happened to be a pair. In your case, it sounds like one of your males was used to having the tank to himself and so may have resented a second male moving into his territory. My suggestion is that they might mellow out if you can add at least one female FBT to the tank (or maybe 2 females, but only if the tank is large enough).

11/13/17  10:15am

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