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 Thinking about starting a breeding program...


I’m now new to this site. I was referred by my boyfriend, whom had used this site for his herps about 5 or 6 years ago. Sadly we reduced on our number size of herps down to 1.1 Red Tail Boas, 1.1 E. Mac.s (leo gecko), and 1.0 Blue Tongued Skink whom is my SirSkinksAlot (thats his name xD), and you will be hearing more about him on the other forums sometime. My boyfriend had been breeding a few species/morphs for years so he has alot of reptile experience in our community. He and I have been wanting to start a breeding program for a few species hes been worried about, for sometime now (he cares so much). He’s loved the Rhino Iguana’s and wanted to help in someway or another. As well as the native american colorado river toad/ sonoma desert toad. We have personally seen them become even less and less available (online!) and its upsetting to know we have a toad in our backyards that is seemingly dwindling in numbers. The Pet stores around here (even the the reptile specialists) dont seem to ever get these by, nor have any interest in getting them. they dont see them as very interesting, which i dont understand. So my boyfriends parents have a huge ranch and land and stuff, so that allows space for our interest in starting a place to perhaps produce more numbers of these species.

the reason i posted on here, the toads forum, is to get some info perhaps, on B. Alvarius (ill go to another forum for the other species). Iv reviewed care sheets for many toads like it (as always). If you personally know anything on their status or know a breeder or petstore’s that comes across this species, please let me know! I honestly can only find 1... and only one source for these toads. their availability has dropped dramatically (even more than before) to such low numbers that its seemingly impossible to start helping this late. Im not going to give up. Please throw your info at us, as we deeply care for the future of these specimen.

I have money, time, energy, and love to spend on them and I will not settle until I know that they will be more available to loving families. Please give any information so I can start immediately!


05/18/12  06:58pm

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