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 Ameivas and bio substrate


I am brand new here. My son has two green ameivas that have been left with me, because he has left home. I want to be sure I understand best how to care for them, and ameivaboy’s care sheet in here has been very helpful. It looks like we are doing the right things, but I have a question about their substrate.

This pair is in a gigantic, long aquarium tank, and the current substrate is a mix of topsoil and coconut fiber, about 6 inches deep, and they pretty much burrow in it and live underground. These things are wicked fast and none too friendly, and changing the substrate is a problem because they are so difficult to catch and I am afraid I will accidentally hurt them (or they, me). I ran across some information today about biological substrate that supposedly contains the usual critters dirt does and decomposes wastes so that you don’t need to change the substrate. One site said they had the same substrate in their reptile tanks for five or more years. Is this true? I have a hard time believing that it is a good idea to put dirt and bugs in the tank that are not from the critter’s original habitat. Can a biological substrate work for Ameivas, and how would I go about that? These lizards are beautiful but really need to be left alone as much as possible. Any help would be appreciated.


11/12/14  04:00pm


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 Ameivas and bio substrate

Hello :) I disagree on not changing substrate because that’s one of the easiest ways to keep a healthy reptile. If their happy with the substrate their in leave it to make them happy and active. Also make sure both of them aren’t males because they’ll kill each other. If your having a problem getting them out get like a small reptile/critter carrier the square looking one with the lid and put it in the tank and make them run in it quickly lift it and put the top on but do this in the tank because you’ll be amazed how high little ones can jump lol. And lastly don’t mix feeder insects because they’ll stress out your lizards or even snack on them(their been proof of that).

11/12/14  07:15pm

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