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Takahiro111   Dolson  

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 Serious question

I have extra cage and I want an adult argentine does bites feel?? I wasn’t plan on getting none but my friend ordered it as a gift without informing me and ofcourse I’m gonna keep it...only because I have a extra cage available...are adults better??because I hate starting with babies then you gotta keep upgrading and it’ll also be harder to calm down..right? I’m just nervous about getting bit. The only injuries I faced from my pets are my water dragon tail whipped me,scratched my monitors(sav and water),burm bite and head butt from my water monitor that busted my lip because I scared him. Any advice would be large reptiles take up a lot of room so I was gonna wait until I moved to get my tegu and other reptiles, my friend spent $240 on him so I decided on keeping it so he won’t feel bad...oh and I was talking about calming adults down if it would be harder.

10/22/14  10:50pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2310461

 Serious question

Well I can’t say how much a bite would hurt from a tegu however I also just got an adult and hearing him crush full sized rat bones with no effort makes me really not want to find out, best of luck

06/12/16  11:28pm

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