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KageTokage   Pocochu  

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 Green ameiva hatchlings

So I’m planning on picking up a green ameiva hatchling in a few months. I had one question about them. How long in a 29 gallon. I know they need 40 breeder minimum as adults. But will build a 4ft by 2ft by 4ft for my adult. Just wondering. I would really rather build the larger enclosure and just put a divider in and move it as he she grows. What is your thoughts.

02/02/14  03:33pm


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  Message To: KageTokage   In reference to Message Id: 2303328

 Green ameiva hatchlings

Well i have to be honest with you.. I know nothing about green ameiva... But from what you are describing for your viv it sounds good... You just want to be careful and not put him in something too big and make him feel overwhelmed.. But with the dividers thats a good idea...Sorry i couldn’t be of more help.. Please be sure to post some pictures... Id love to see them...

Annie... >^..^<

02/05/14  10:05am

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