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Ryanolszta   KsTaR  

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 Argentine Black and White Tegu Diet

Hello, Im new to the forums. Just wanted to get some tips on a good balanced diet for my Argentine B&W tegu. What do you guys feed yours?

09/16/13  08:25pm


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 Argentine Black and White Tegu Diet

How old is your tegu? And how big is it so far? If it’s a baby you can feed it some insects like crickets,meal worms,wax worms and etc but must be dusted with calcium powder and you can also move on to heavier meals like hard boiled egg,scrambled egg,chicken,ground turkey,pinky mice, chicken gizzard , beef liver , and more....just becareful with how much pinky mice you feed them as babies because they are high in fat but they do need whole prey atleast once a week. They can also have melon and grapes (seedless) and blueberries and more...

10/30/13  05:16pm

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