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 Treating A Columbian Tegu’s broken hind leg!

I am new to keeping lizards and I’m concerned that diet may have contributed to Reggie’s current problem--a broken hind leg. I have tried to feed him live food and he completely ignores it. What he eats and seems to love is either ground raw turkey, ground raw beef, both usually mixed with hard boiled egg yolk. I did manage to feed him a little goldfish once, but in general when I offer him meal worms he has zero interest. Same with crickets. I haven’t tried feeding him a pinky mouse yet as I’m rather sure he would ignore it too. But I’m willing to try if diet is the problem. My question is two-fold. One, how does one switch a lizard over from eating raw meat to eating live food? I have no problem feeding my Beardie and Water Dragon pinky mice, crickets and mealworms but for some reason this guy is stuck on this eggs and raw meat diet.

Also, what can I do to help him with htis leg? I can’t really afford to take him to an exotic vet right now. I’m in a financially very bad place. He is doing a good job of not moving the leg all on his own so, should I just let it be and hope for the best? I have also read a few notes here about splinting legs and from what I’ve read it almost sounds like such attempts only make things worse and cause the lizard a lot of unneeded stress.

07/11/13  08:54am


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  Message To: Ladydi62   In reference to Message Id: 2299481

 Treating A Columbian Tegu’s broken hind leg!

Well you wouldn’t want a lizard eating live mice because some take it as aggression towards the food and will become aggressive overtime so I feed frozen/thawed to my reptiles and with the broken limb he needs to see a vet because he won’t be able to move properly and it will cause him stress and he will eventually die from stress or an infection no home treatment can help him..I’m sorry

08/31/13  06:18pm

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