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 Columbian tegu

Is a columbian tegu aggressive or will it make a good reptile

07/01/13  04:31pm


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  Message To: A.D.A.97   In reference to Message Id: 2299146

 Columbian tegu

All reptiles are good reptiles.
If you have done any kind of research, you will find that colombians are highly aggressive compared to argentines.
Do you have the time space and resources to keep another large lizard?
If I recall, you have between yourself and your brother 2 savs, an iguana, and a gecko.
Another large animal is going to add more food to be bought, another very large enclosure, and more electricity to be run.
Good luck.


07/02/13  09:53pm


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  Message To: Rexxaroo   In reference to Message Id: 2299204

 Columbian tegu

Yes as rex was saying any animal can be a great pet...tegus can be aggressive normally and it’s doesn’t matter what kind of tegu they are...I’ve had Colombians be complete sweet hearts and argentines be total killers! takes time you must remember your this big thing grabbing them and touching them and wanting to play with them...they’re gonna be defensive it’s all part of they’re nature but as soon as you continue to spend time And work with them they will no longer see you as a threat and they will open up to you and begin to become very calm and social with blue tegus were a bit snappy as babies too but they snapped out of it....good luck!

10/31/13  04:42am

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