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Yoshi331   Staypuft  

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Just got one of the Teiids I’ve always wanted. A caiman lizard for Xmas. I wasn’t ready, however, and it was just given to me. Wanted to know if anyone on here has one and wanted to get some advice. I’ve been reading they requier a special diet of snails.

I’m getting a lot of "not too much is knows about them." If anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears. Thanks so much for your time.

Supper excited

12/18/12  08:50pm


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I don’t own one, but yes the wc ones need snails, although you may be able to ween them off and have them take shrimp, crayfish, fish etc..... Captive bred (few and far between and cost a lot of $$$$) are less picky though, if yours is cbb

12/21/12  01:35pm

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