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Wow, I’ve been doing a lot of research about argentine black and white tegus and am just falling in love....

I recently moved to Austin,TX from Arizona and on November 3rd will be going to my first Texas reptile expo, in San Antonio! I am so excited...I’ve been to a bunch of expos before in Arizona but I’ve never noticed if Tegu’s have been there, but thenagain I’ve never looked for one before :p

Just wondering if anyone is going or would know if that expo will be selling Argentine B&Ws? Or if they normally are sold at expos, etc.

Also, if ones there and I do get it, is there any tips or pointers that yall would fire away at me?
I’ve deff read a bunch on them but even when I read about animals that I have, sometimes I’m surprised about a few things that are left out, so if yall could give me any New-Tegu-Owner tips and pointers, that would be much appreciated :D

Also Also, I’ve raised a few Green Iguanas from little ones so I know all about taming those and what are Tegus and Green Iguanas similar in that way?
I’ve heard that Tegus are simple to tame but I’m just curoius if anyone has had an Iggy and a Tegu if their are similar in that aspect.

Thank you!

10/23/12  10:14pm


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  Message To: LeoLuvr   In reference to Message Id: 2283670


Tegu’s are more like a Savannah Monitor than a Green Iguana
as it is a terrestrial reptile adapted to being a primarely earth bound, ground dwelling reptile
where as a Green Iguana ia more arboreal....liking to climb tree’s etc

I would not get a Tegu until you have done much research on them
as like many monitors they get BIG
and are a heavy bodied reptile that can inflict injuries with their powerful jaws, hook like claws & a strong tail whip

10/23/12  11:15pm


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  Message To: Rokdog   In reference to Message Id: 2283674


I appreciate your response, however if you read my post you would see that I mentioned that I had done much research on them and was just looking for anything else Tegu owners had to throw out there.

I have experience with large lizards as I also mentioned and so I know all about the size and injuries that they can inflict.

Thank you, rokdog.

10/23/12  11:23pm

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