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Cixelsyd kniks
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 Tiger ameiva info and enclosure questions

first i like to say i understand they are not a beginner lizard. but im not a beginner of keeping reptiles. ive been keeping lizards since i was 11. even going out herpin. second id like to say i know you all need to get your point across. but if you are gonna attack me because i ask a simple question i dont care what u have to say.

well now that i cleared that out... few questions i am wondering after reading ameivaboys caresheet..

first off what depth should the cage be if its like 5ft 7in long. i was asking because i was planning on getting this plastic storage closet thing. and its and its about the same height as me. i was thinking of layin on its side.. its about 2ft high then not sure the depth tho havent measured that lol.... and could i have a 3in deep pond with water fall built in. i know they really dont swim but i figured it would help in humidity a little with the live plants and auto sprayer i was gonna build for it... and how many will i be able to house in thise 1 male to how many females would be ok. can i feed dubia roaches as a staple for this guys i figured since they eat a lot. i wont have to worry about and explotion of dead roaches.

also can anyone list plants that come from the tiger ameivas homeland and or ones that are similar and safe. please no links to what is safe or not. none i found come with pics. n i dont have a computer. all done on my phone. second the plants grow over two feet in heght. thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

10/19/12  10:31pm

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