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Reptictale92   KsTaR  

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 Hybrid tegu!!!

I just bought a hybrid black and white an red Tegucigalpa for 100 (I know a hell of a steal) it is an Argentine. Tegucigalpa as well. I will try to post pics up later. But do have a question I had rebus but all Colombian how often I feed it mice? I don’t like it but I know it is in their diet. An this is my plan for the diet. Veggies, fruit, insects, snails an a little mice an birds. Is that good?

05/24/12  08:10pm


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  Message To: Reptictale92   In reference to Message Id: 2267555

 Hybrid tegu!!!

I would stay away from the snails and feed it mice at least once a week since they need whole prey at least 2-3 times a week...don’t feed them too much rodents it can cause impaction

10/31/13  04:49am

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