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ThatORANGEguy   Nile/water monitors  

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 Housing question

is an 80 90 or 100 gallon tank too big for a juvenile black & white?

03/22/12  05:51pm


Nile/water monitors
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  Message To: ThatORANGEguy   In reference to Message Id: 2259709

 Housing question

Those tanks should be OK to start, but, you will have to have a 8ft. L x 4ft. W x 5ft. H enclosure built in at least a year for him. Remember that open top fish tanks don’t hold heat and humidity because it just evaporates. So, you will need to make a wood top to help hold in that heat/humidity they need to survive. Your enclosure should have the opening on the front wall and the top should be solid.

03/25/12  09:57am

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