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Venom6547   Nile/water monitors  

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 Wondering about adding new tegu to my tegu cage

So I have a 8x4x4 enclosure built for my black and white argentine tegu and I wanted to get another tegu so i had a pair to possibly breed but i had a few questions on how I should introduce them if i did in fact get another tegu. I already know what i have to do about feeding them and how to control that but does it matter if the next tegu i got was a argentine red instead of black and white? I am also going to make sure they are not both males, mines possibly a female but I dont know yet, is it a problem if i had 2 females? I don’t mean to ask a million questions but the more I know the more I will know what to expect and if i should even get another tegu to house together with my current one. and lastly does size matter too much? I went to a pet store near my house today and i found a red, this pet store isn’t well cared for and they just got the red so its healthy as of now and I don’t wanna jump the gun but at the same time I wouldn’t want to let that animal get sick, in a cage maybe 7 feet away from the red was a baby columbian and it was dead in the water dish.. I’m torn between getting a tegu from there because of the reputation but at the same time i don’t want that beautiful red going through what the columbian had too..

02/25/12  04:30pm


Nile/water monitors
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 Wondering about adding new tegu to my tegu cage

Putting two animals together is more of a trial and error thing. If you attempt this you should have two enclosures ready so if things don’t work out the way you would like. Some people have pulled this off and have a red/B&W together, but it boils down to what each animal will to tolerate? Let them meet in the open, in a neutral area a few times before housing together. See how they react? Things to consider, will they fight when no one is around to stop it? Will one dominate the other for basking/food/best hides/area in enclosure? These animals should be around the same size so if fighting breaks out one shouldn’t have size as an advantage and possibly kill the other. Is the enclosure large enough to allow one to seek out a safe hide from the other if need be? I would hate to be stuck in a small room with a hannibal lecter after me.LOL. One other thing you could do to help these animals in the pet store is, run off some proper husbandry care sheets and give them to the person caring for the reptiles. Most likely they are just people hired with no real husbandry experience, OR, just anonymously leave the care sheets in the store where employees will find them.

02/27/12  09:41am

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