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Reptilerancher757   Nile/water monitors  

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 Eating troubles

im having trouble geting my argentine tegu to eat. temps and everything are correct.

02/25/12  04:02pm


Nile/water monitors
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  Message To: Reptilerancher757   In reference to Message Id: 2256835

 Eating troubles

There are a few common things that will cause a reptile to go off feeding,
1. low temp.s improper basking temp. and low humidity%.
2. Stress, from handling/ other pets/ enclosure in high traffic area/ enclosure too small/ the wrong substrate/ not enough hides/ being pulled from a safe hide etc.
3. Parasites, most of these animals are wild caught and the stress of being caught and shipped from over seas to inadequate pet store husbandry will lower the animals ability to fight off parasites. So a vet visit should be the first stop on anyone’s way home with a new reptile. Just to rule out or treat parasites.

What are you offering as food to this guy/girl? Is this tegu in a fish tank with a screen top or an enclosure? What are you useing for bedding/substrate?

02/27/12  09:14am

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