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 Green Ameiva Handling?

can you handle them or they too aggressive?

02/13/12  07:14pm


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  Message To: This_Kids_   In reference to Message Id: 2255093

 Green Ameiva Handling?

if you can then you probably have a sick one
as they don’t like being held & will avoid contact as much as possible

02/13/12  08:07pm


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  Message To: Rokdog   In reference to Message Id: 2255112

 Green Ameiva Handling?

it’s not that they are "aggressive" (which is a reptile is biting you etc - it’s really being defensive as it views you as a predator)

Ameivas are very shy nervous lizards are as is stated above, there’s likely something wrong with it if you can handle your (i.e. too cool, sick etc)

They are best left alone, but do make interesting "display" lizards

02/20/12  05:39pm

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