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 Chilean Dwarf Tegu Care

anybody know a good care sheet for these guys? or another lizard with the same care? i can’t find any good ones

02/12/12  03:47pm


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  Message To: This_Kids_   In reference to Message Id: 2254969

 Chilean Dwarf Tegu Care

if your referring to Ameivas or jungle-runners or giant green ameiva. or also mini tegu or dwarf tegu if I’m understanding everything correctly. threes not alot of information that i can find for my 3 ameivas. but i keep mine on soil sand eco earth mix. lots of hides a large cage 4x2x2 a basking temp of 110. feeding crickets small roaches worms snails. they are fast curious skittish little lizards i think related between whip-tail lizard and a tegu. they are active during the day (diurnal) so uvb is suggested. they come from south America and need relitivly high humidity i keep mine at 60% but 50-70 will work just fine..they can be found in open lots of downed trees or on the rain forest floor. they need lots of room to run males usually have a blueish underside and females are white. i suggest more then 1 basking area if you have more then 2 in a large cage. hope i helped

02/16/12  06:59pm


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  Message To: Reptilerancher757   In reference to Message Id: 2255608

 Chilean Dwarf Tegu Care

Chilean Dwarf Tegus (Callopistes maculatus) are very different from their cousisns in the genus Ameiva in terms of captive micro-climate(however are very similar in being fast,active and needing spacious enclosures) Chilean Dwarf Tegus are a desert species who would require very high day time temperatures, low humiidyt and a radical night time temperature drop.

However, Chile is closed to export and has been for a number of years so you wont really be seeing any Chilean dwarf tegus available.

02/20/12  05:35pm

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