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 Tadpole has (huge) back legs only after 7 months!

Hello everyone! I Hope that this forum is still active as I am stumped...get it...stumped? (tadpole won’t grow front legs) I am a Speech Language Pathologist in a school and volunteered to look after the K2 class tadpole "froggy" home for summer. He FINALLY grew back legs in July 2016 (purchased in January 2016) He is still living in the typical kit tank that he came from. I’ve since added some large rocks and a floating platform. I change the water 2-3 x week (lukewarm + dechorinator) and I feed him goldfish flakes for food as the tadpole food that came with the kid got wet/moldy.

Any suggestions on how to get those front legs growin? Change the food? (blood worms?) Change the habitat? Change the water temp? Get a filter? Inquiring minds want to know?

08/14/16  08:31am

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