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 Stewarding Tadpoles Into Frogs

Hi fellow friends of frogs,
You all seem to have knowledge of stewarding tadpoles through their metamorphoses. I have both Copes Gray and Gray Tree Frogs in abundance and this year a Bullfrog took up residence in the temporary pond that forms every year on our 20’x40’ in-ground-pool cover where everybody lays eggs. When we drain the accumulated snow/rain water from the cover in early July the thousands of tadpoles get transported by the large bore siphon into a nearby channel which feeds a vey healthy creek and I’ve watched them swim completely unharmed as they come out of the siphon at the channel that feeds the creek. This year I decided to take some of them aside and see if I could steward them in two large galvanized steel tubs. There are toads & at least 3 frog kinds among them. So far so good. They’ve been eating mostly the fallen foliage that accumulates in the pool pond just like a natural seasonal pond. I’m now doing the boiled lettuce thing for them and they seem to be doing great with that and whats left of the local foliage droppings. I originally used the water they hatched in as well but for a few weeks theyve been in our purity tested minerally balanced well water with abundant rain water added regularly as its been a near record year for rain in NW PA. They get all the way to being tiny green frogs with tails and not too long after that they die. I separate them from the apparently cannibalistic tadpoles as soon as they sprout front legs. They’re outside. I’ve been partially covering the tubs to give them shade. I have about 25-35 left and more than half now have hind legs in various stages of growth. I’d like to keep them and get them to where I can release fully morphed frogs into the local environment. The toads almost to a tadpole became tiny dry Microtoads and hopped away very energetically a few weeks ago. The frogs havent been successful. Other than releasing them soon in whatever stage they’re at are there any ideas besides the statistically high rate of die off at the froglet stage? You folks are all great for your care for the frog population theyre like canary’s in the coal mine wrt human environmental health. THANKS!

07/12/15  11:52am

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