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Rachael5517   TadpolesUniversity  

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 Please help!

I hav 11 tadpoles and recently one started floating on the top of the water although it was not sea because when I shook the water it would swim around but then he would go back up to float at the top again. I read another topic like this and they said that it did not change quick enough and is going into hibernation. I’m not sure if this is true. Anyways today I found another one floating at the top. I was wondering if this is not what I think it is, and will it spread to my other tadpoles? Is there anything I can do to help them or the other tadpoles from also doing this? Thanks for reading this. I would really appreciate your help.

05/30/13  10:15pm


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 Please help!

They’re usually drinking water, or practicing to breathe air like us.

06/01/13  07:48pm

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