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 Help me!!!

I went to the creek across the road about a week ago and got about 45 tadpoles and put them in a 10 gallon aquarium. I was wondering do i need to keep the water warm with a heater? what can i feed them? how long will it take? what can i do so they will change faster? Anything will be helpful!! If it not an answer to my question and u think it is important for me to know, then let me know!!(:

04/23/12  12:35am


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 Help me!!!

if the water is around 70* - 75* degrees they will be fine.
I would put an air bubbler in the tank to keep the water moving & not becoming stagnant
& you can feed them fish flake food or brine shrimp

it depends on what species of tadpole(frog/toad) you captured as too how long until they develop
into a frog/toad

04/23/12  10:08am


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  Message To: Kotaw12   In reference to Message Id: 2263869

 Help me!!!

Breezy from SLB in Baudette 70-75 degree water is ideal however don’t fret if the temp is one or two degrees too high or too low this will not have a major effect on the Tadpoles. I’m going to tell you what I can from mere experience, I live and work at a bait shop and I like to save the tadpoles lol.

If you don’t have a filter make sure you change the water every 4 days, tadpoles NEED clean water and a clean environment.

DON’T get rid of the algae in your tank because they will eat it. You can also feed them boiled-frozen lettuce chunks, chopped crawlers, chopped minnows (cut off head and tail then cut open the stomach to reveal internal organs, pop air sacks and let sink to the bottom they will eat the bones clean). Boil the lettuce for ten minutes then freeze it and when you feed them break off about three pinches every three days (they love the stuff). When they become froglets however you will need to feed them meat foods instead (blood worms or crawlers, crickets and flies).

An air machine is a very good idea and water plants will help oxygenate the water and they will eat the algae that grows on the plants.

Finally depending on how big they were when you caught them, what kind of tadpole, and it’s environmental surroundings will all have an effect on how long it will take them to become a full froglet. 3 months to two years depending on all of those variables.

04/24/12  01:12pm

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