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 Tadpole rock

I was just wondering if this type of rock would be okay to put into my tadpole enclosure like it wont kill him or anything right? My parents bought them at a fish store a couple years ago for their fish tank. I haven’t put it in yet but his back legs just came in so i want to put something in his tank so he has something to climb onto when he is ready. Any advice is greatly appreciated :)

07/05/11  05:10pm


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  Message To: Freakyfrog   In reference to Message Id: 2227704

 Tadpole rock

As long as it doesn’t land on the tadpole(;

07/18/11  08:16pm


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  Message To: AnoleQueeeeen   In reference to Message Id: 2229658

 Tadpole rock

it wont hurt the tadpole as long you didnt spill poison on the rock

01/24/12  08:01pm

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