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 Tadpole tank & behavior question

Hi all. I just joined as a friend gave me 12 tadpoles found when she went to clean her pool. No idea what kind.
I have them in a 10 gallon tank with gravel on bottom and it is filled with water from the lake I live on. It also has an aquatic plant & airstone with pump. I’m feeding them fish flakes and algae pellets and all of their back legs have come in this week.

My questions are: 1) I noticed one of the tads sitting in the plant pot & on leaves of plant. Is this a sign that it is preparing to leave the water?
2) I have a really large one that I call Bull. Much bigger than the others and very agressive especially at feeding time. Anything I should do?
3) What about old fish food flakes on bottom of tank? Can they go "bad"? Should I remove them after a few days?
4)I’m noticing that a few "stack" on top of each other and hang out. Why are they doing this? They look like tadpole triple bunk beds!

Answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

06/05/11  05:19pm


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 Tadpole tank & behavior question

1) It is possible that they are getting ready to leave the water, but it is more likely that they are just resting. Tadpoles normally only swim around when eating or when bothered.
2) This is normal for the bigger ones to pick on the smaller ones. Just make sure to split up fights if they get too serious.
3) They will not go bad but you should probably clean them out once every one or two weeks. If the flakes are there after a few days the tadpoles probably lost interest in it and it will just cloud up the water when it disintegrates.
4) I am actually not sure the answer for this one sorry haha

05/30/13  10:29pm


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  Message To: Bugmuller   In reference to Message Id: 2222890

 Tadpole tank & behavior question

everything the first person said is correct, but if the big tadpole bothers the others, seperate them. for #4, they’re on top of each other because they like each other. Hope this helped!

06/01/13  07:45pm

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